pig roasting Scottie and his art Pig in Space

BeameupBBQ & Cafe

Our Menu and Services

First, let's say we're flexible. 

You can pick up a sandwich, dinner, or your smoked meats for the week. 

We plan to be open from 11:00 til 3:00, give or take.  If we run out of meat, no point in staying open.  We suggest you get there early.  Often we're sold out before 2:00.

So if you want something specific, you may want to e-mail us to ensure we'll have it available -- even packaged -- just for you.  

Our ribs go quickly, so if you need a couple racks held aside just for you, let us know.  If we know ahead of time of your specific order, we can even put more ribs on to smoke.



  • Sandwiches

    • And that's a roll or a wrap -- cole slaw or not. 

  • Sides? Varies and depends on the day. Possibilities are:

    • Chili
    • Cole Slaw
    • Beans

Smoked Meats? 

Depends...on the market, the mood, and the requests. Since we buy all our meats fresh each week, the variety and price reflect the market. The meats we offer are:

  • Beefbull
    • Prime Rib
    • Brisket
  • Chickenchicken dances
    • Leg Quarters
    • Wings
    • Whole Chicken
  • Pastrami
  • Porklittle pig
    • Butt (Ham)
    • Ribs
    • Pulled (by the 1/2 lb. or to your heart's desire)
  • Turkeyturkey
    • Legs
    • Wings
    • Whole Breast
  • Other (Never know what we might be smoking next -- seafood?)


We can cater, or we can smoke for you.  Having a special event and want fantastic ribs, BBQ, chicken, pastrami... but don't have the time or equipment to do it yourself?  We can do it for you.  And even if you decided to do all the work yourself, you don't have Old Hickory which does unbelievable things... but luckily we do.

As we've mentioned, Old Hickory likes to work hard, but likes to work slowly.  Once we've marinated the meats, we let Old Hickory work on them for twelve hours at 225 degrees.  Just smoking and rotating.  Mmmmm.

That means you have to give us notice for parties or events, but since that big boy can handle 450 pounds at a time, we can handle even your big gigs. 

BeameupBBQ, Scottie!  

Just come on by and take a whiff.  Everything is as good as it smells... and tender... and delicious...

So if you've got a big event coming up, let's talk.